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Staying Calm

For the lab activity we are thinking about how our body reacts when we get upset. There are 2 (possibly 3 if you’re KS2) videos to watch. The first one is the story of The Red Beast which talks about a boy who gets upset and how he calms down. The second explains the activities for everyone which involves thinking about what triggers the red beast inside us and how we can try and prevent it taking over. Thinking about how our bodies are when we are happy and calm and the differences when we are upset and angry. Then making a poster of the differences between the two.

You may wish to try some yoga or mindfullness to help you feel calm

The third video is an extension activity more suited towards KS2 where it asks you to think about current threats to peace both locally and nationally and think about what you might want to change, this could be in the form of writing a letter or designing a poster. Hope you have a great afternoon.

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