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Thinking Deeply about Science and Maths

Hello there Rosendale and welcome to our new blog. During this time of Home Learning we want you to continue to develop your thinking and reasoning skills.

We will be posting challenges here. Your teachers will sometimes load links onto Seesaw, but you can look here for extra challenges anytime. Follow the links under Tags at the side.

It would be great if you could leave a reply to let us know how you got on or even send us some pictures. To send in pictures an adult can email them to parentscommunications@rosendale.cc with the subject Rosendale Lab.

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Make your own board game to play with your family

You will need: card (recycling an old cereal box would work well), felt tips, a dice, counters, and anything else you might like to decorate your board game with.

First, you need to decide what theme your board game will have. It could be a track around a Grand Prix race course, a treasure island, sailing about the world or even inspired by your favourite book or film characters. You chose!

Here are some ideas to help you think:





  1. Draw the shape of your track to suit your theme. A snake wiggly track, a spiral race to the centre, or zig zag across the card could all be options.
  2. Decorate your playing board. On some of the spaces, write take a card. 
  3. Using card, cut at least 10 playing cards all the same size. You could use a ruler or draw around something as a template to help you with this step. Write instructions on each card using maths words like add, subtract, double. For example count on 5, count back 3, double your number, roll the dice and times the number by 3, have an extra roll, miss a turn.  
  4. Use counters and a dice to play, or make your own using pictures, painted pasta, or make a salt dough to bake and paint.
  5. Play with your family and enjoy practicing your maths skills!